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2011-05-08 14:12:57 by Virtutes

I recently spent my weekend checking out this new game called Terraria
and I really like it.

most people compare it to minecraft or even say that it's a minecraft rip-off,
but when you watch the let's play videos on youtube you'll see that
this game has a lot things combined for example Secret of Mana has influenced
this game too.

So if you're interested check out the official site

and watch the LP's from PaperBatVG

So let me know what you think about the game.
Personally I can't wait to play it and I hope they'll release it soon.

stop working on submissions

2011-05-04 08:19:38 by Virtutes

I'm going to take a short break of working on new music and my game.
School is a bit stressy and I have to concentrade
on this for now, but im sure I'll work on new submissions later.

Songs on Youtube

2011-04-29 13:30:37 by Virtutes

I just posted my songs also on youtube so check out my channel :D
well um it doesn't look awesome yet but i'm working on it :P

First Game

2011-04-28 09:24:56 by Virtutes

I'm currently working on my first Flashgame
yeah it's true :P
i can't tell much about it yet but that it's much work
and well i dont know really what it will look like in the end,
but at least im trying my best in animating and it looks quite acceptable
right now.
It will take a bit till it's finished because im not experienced in
animating and all that stuff
so i'm using mmf2 and it's a great help for me :P


2011-04-26 13:12:05 by Virtutes

Here is my new loop:

This one is completely different of what ive done and
I think it's good to make something different sometimes
so i really hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed it to create it.


2011-04-15 19:50:40 by Virtutes

I made this new loop in the middle of the night and ive to say it's harder to give it a name than actually editing it.
So after thinking about a name, I finally asked my girlfriend what it should be called
and she said its easier to name it if I think about what i thought when editing it
but there was only one problem
I simply forgot what I was thinking while editing and yeah
I named it Forget.

here it is /413771

New song

2011-03-07 13:41:22 by Virtutes

I finally found some time to make a new loop :D /404603